Spotify will hit Apple Watch, but through a third-party app

If you are a Spotify subscriber and you have an Apple Watch, you will probably spend time wondering why the service does not have an official app on watchOS.

Apple Watch

Technically you can control playback through native system controls, but it would not hurt that there was an application that took more advantage of Spotify, right?

Well, finally there will be. It will not be strictly official, but Spotify has agreed to collaborate with a developer to create an application capable of controlling the playback of the service from watchOS. And that application will be called Snowy.

Issue of reaching agreements

Andrew Chang, the developer of Snowy, originally christened his application as Spotty. But that name was too similar to Spotify for service lawyers, so after the relevant complaints, there was the change.

Andrew told us in early February that he was engaging in conversations with Spotify in order to join efforts in some way, and it seems that those talks have paid off.

According to Chang himself, Snowy will be “part of an official Spotify application”.

We deduce that its part of the musical control from watchOS will become part of the official application or simply Spotify will promote Snowy as a good controller of reproductions in the Apple watch.