This utility allows you to have the watchOS spheres as Mac screen savers

There was another era in the computer universe where screensavers were essential, not only because of the personalization that was given to each computer but because it literally saved the screens.

More than a decade later, they have been in the background, but maybe with a good screensaver as you return to regain enthusiasm for them.

One of the things we see most in the Apple Watch is precisely its sphere, which we are using at that time. They show us the time in different ways and also thanks to the complications they offer we can see relevant information from other apps as well. It’s like a kind of screensaver.

The spheres of the Apple Watch on the big screen

The designer Rasmus Nielsen had an idea in the wake of the Apple Watch spheres. Take them to the Mac. To do this, he worked on new screensavers to install in macOS and with which to see the spheres of the Apple Watch showing the time.

Downloading the screensaver for free from your website, we just have to install it to appear in System Preferences > Desktop and Screensaver. From there, our choice is the sphere that interests us and the color that interests us. It has the following spheres, each one in 17 different colors:

  • Simple Sphere
  • Chronograph
  • Utilities
  • Modular
  • XL

A total of 85 combinations for you to choose the one you like the most. In my case, I opted for the Simple dial with the red color for the needle, but you can choose from dozens of possible combinations. The screensaver is completely free, so it certainly does not hurt to give it a try.