Wear OS, Google’s new system for wearables?

Wear OS, Google's new system for wearables?Wear OS would be the new name to define Google’s operating system for wearable devices. It has appeared with a new logo in the configuration of Android Wear so far and could be launched soon.

Wear OS will have the responsibility to boost wearables sales. A segment that until last year had offered a performance in sales well below the expected under the general disinterest of the consumer for this type of devices, with an obvious need for improvements in design, hardware, connectivity, applications, autonomy and independence of use of smartphones.

The increase in sales caused by the new version of Apple Watch, to overcome Fitbit and Xiaomi by manufacturers, can put the segment in an upward trend.

Google seems conscious and the new brand and image that Wear OS would offer should be the beginning for the truly important, a new version of the system code.

Convincing your main partner in Android (Samsung) to bet on Android and not for its Tizen system in wearables would have to be another of the objectives for Apple not to do with the entire market.

As for the new design, it uses a color scheme of the Google brand and an icon halfway between the personal assistant and the famous ‘W’ of brands like Warner Bros. Beyond design, the name change (eliminating “Android “) Is relevant to clarify that Wear OS supports both Android devices and Apple’s iOS .

As for the improvements of a future version of the system, it is safe a greater independence of smartphones thanks to the eSIM cards; greater customization of the interface; redesign of the notification system; improvement of the functioning of Google Assistant, Android Pay or the Google Fit fitness app, taking into account the main focus on sports activity and health of smartwatches and current quantifying wristbands. We will wait for confirmation of what Google is preparing.