Will we see the Samsung Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018?

It seems that the next Korean terminal will be delayed until the month of February.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Many are attentive to one of the great moments that open 2018. No, it is neither New Year nor the day of Kings, although more than one would have requested the terminal that we have been talking about in recent months.

It is, nothing more, nothing less than the Samsung Galaxy S9, the terminal of the Korean firm that could be presented to the public one month later than expected.

Samsung Galaxy S9 in the MWG 2018?

The Internet has allowed a lot of information about projects and products to filter easily. As is logical, some end up becoming reality, but the surprise of some jealously guarded novelty appears.

But one of the most interesting data, when we talk about telephony, is the presentation date, which is always more interesting for those who deal in the highest range.

A few months ago we talked about the possible presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in January. Then it was the month of September and everything pointed to the first month of 2018 would be the right time for the terminal to see the light for the first time.

However, as stated by CNET, there are possibilities to appear during the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona 2018, a very interesting date to measure against other major brands that will present their proposals for the mobile telephony sector. Will it have the same design that has appeared in this video?