Windows 10 Smartphone News and Updates

Along with other operating systems, as well as smartphones, Microsoft has been one of the biggest names in the market.

Reported at Geek Wire, the tension of the shareholders’ meeting was said to heat up the atmosphere. Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella has received a lot of questions from his shareholders.

Why has their latest gadget not enjoyed by some? What would be the best other means that they will do their best to the best they can grab into?

Or is the whole thing just to maintain a very fluid yet challenging competition.

Tech Times lets us know more. Well, if we take the name of such app literally, yes, you’re right with thinking on what it can do to the phone.

But, the said advantage of that app is that it is no hassle for Windows 10 users anymore to repeat on doing the hard ritual on uninstalling the app once it experiences some errors.

Through the Rest App, one can just make a single tap on the app icon and visit its settings for more convenient management of applications often encountering crashes and the like.