Microsoft confirms that part of the Windows 10 source code has been leaked on the web

windows 10

Microsoft has confirmed that a portion of the Windows 10 source code was leaked this week on the web.

The archives were published in BetaArchive, the web that is in charge of conserving repositories of software abandoned or in phase beta, mainly of Windows and Apple.

Filtration includes files related to storage, USB and Wi-Fi drivers that are part of the Microsoft Shared Source initiative that is used by partners and hardware manufacturers. That is part of the code that the company shares with some customers, companies, governments and other partners.

Although the Register claimed that it was 32 TB of information containing “essential parts” of the source code of Windows, one of the BetaArchive administrators has denied this and clarified that the folder was only 1.2 GB and that it would simply be too much Small to contain essential source code.

Some builds of Creators Update, ARM versions of Windows 10 and the Windows 10 Mobile Adaption Kit were also included in the filtering.

BetaArchive administrators have removed the files from their website, as it goes against their rules.

Those responsible for the leak are not yet known, but it is speculated that they could have been the same systems as Microsoft.

At Ars Technica they reported receiving an unconfirmed report that the company’s systems had been hacked, and if such an event took place, leakage of internal builds could be the consequence.

The other theory with force is that the filtration has come from a Microsoft partner or an OEM.