Windows should soon bother you with its updates

Who has never fulminated against the appearance of a window urging a restart of the system? Wanting to calm our anger, Windows 10 will offer even more control in managing updates to its system.

Windows 10

32 years after its first release, Windows decided to leave its users quiet with the updates. On its blog dedicated to the platform, Microsoft announces that it has taken into account the desiderata of its users, and introduces some small innovations on how its system evolves on our machines.

If we had already known since October that the hours of activity – these periods when the system can not restart – could go up to 18 hours (compared to 12 now), Microsoft now proposes to customize the day and time To which the update will install and your device restart.

A “snooze” allows postponing this fateful moment.

Windows 10

More transparency on the update state of the computer will also be given with a new icon in the update settings panel. From a quick glance, it will be possible to know if the machine is at the forefront on Windows 10 or behind a train.

These changes will be available to all users in April 2017, with the arrival of the Creators Update. To take advantage of its benefits, however, it will be necessary to take the time to make this update.