Xiaomi announces the beta program to update the Mi Mix 2 to Android Oreo 8.0

The Chinese company continues to demonstrate its commitment to update with its latest terminals that it has launched.

A few days ago we saw him with the Xiaomi Mi A1 and now it is the turn of his most elegant mobile in 2017: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo with MIUI 9 as a software layer and if we want to try a ration in advance, We can already do it if we sign up for your beta.

Xiaomi has published in the official forum an article explaining that the program for the closed beta of Android 8.0 Oreo with MIUI 9 for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will begin shortly.

We can sign up following the same process as in other previous update programs. The risks and precautions are also the same as we always do: update under your responsibility as it is not final software.

Android Oreo 8.0 in Mi Mix 2 but with small print

To sign up for the beta we will have to download an official application from which, sharing our data, to be candidates and receive the update through OTA.

Keep in mind, though, that the requirements, in this case, are a little more complicated than in the Xiaomi Mi A1: you need to have previously installed the Chinese MIUI 9 beta to receive Oreo.

This means that if you bought a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 in Nederland or imported it, in any case, you will have to flash a new ROM to update it. Again, think about it before doing it because maybe it would be more rewarding to wait until the final version arrives than having to fight with precarious software and in tests.

If you still decide to go ahead, you have until December 24 at 5 pm Europe time to sign up for the beta. At the moment we do not have more details about when it will be available openly for everyone, including Mi Mix 2 that are sold officially in Nederland.