Bayonetta 3

At last! PlatinumGames expects to release Bayonetta 3 news this year

Last year, 2020, was a very special one for PlatinumGames, as it not only revealed its next big original project but also presented an expansion project and fulfilled fans’ dream of seeing The Wonderful 101 on more consoles. Unfortunately and to the surprise of some fans, within this series of announcements, which received the name Platinum 4, the developer did not share any news about Bayonetta 3, but apparently the wait will no longer be so long, since 2021 could be the year in which there will finally be news about the new adventure of the beautiful and deadly Witch of Umbra.

It’s clear that the Bayonetta 3 announcement was somewhat premature. PlatinumGames and Nintendo decided to reveal the game at The Game Awards 2017 and in just over 3 years we have not received any substantial update on its development, as the studio and Hideki Kamiya have only reassured fans by mentioning on multiple occasions that the development of the game is on the right track. He even recently shared in Famitsu’s year-end wishes the same message he did last year regarding the development of the title.

Thus, Bayonetta fans and Nintendo users are already used to the absence of news about the game and even wonder if it will arrive before Metroid Prime 4, which was announced the same year, at E3 2017, but whose development was restarted.


However, it seems that Bayonetta 3 could be ahead of the premiere of Metroid Prime 4 judging by the new comments of Hideki Kamiya, director of PlatinumGames in charge of the series. In the most recent broadcast of the Arcade Archives streams (via Nintendo Everything ), the creative was questioned by the president of Hamster, Satoshi Hamada, about the projects in which PlatinumGames is working.

Surprisingly, Kamiya didn’t just say that he’s still working on Bayonetta 3 and that development is going well, but he even mentioned that he hopes the studio can give an update on development later in the year.

Something very interesting is that the director also mentioned that he has unannounced projects and that he hopes to give news about them as well. “I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that, but I said it anyway,” said Kamiya, who made it clear that he is doing “a lot of things this year” and invited fans to be aware of them, as he hopes to “bring hype to this industry ”.

Bayonetta 3 will debut exclusively for Nintendo Switch but has no release date or window yet.