Plex Arcade

Plex Arcade: nostalgia gamer as a service

If you are a Plex user, you may have already received some news about Plex Arcade, and, depending on your age, the reaction will have been very different. But let’s start at the beginning, if you don’t know what it’s about, you should know that Plex has launched into an unexpected pool, starting to offer a streaming game service. Yes, we are talking about Plex, the makers of the popular personal multimedia server, which allows you to share your content over the network.

An important aspect is that, unlike other streaming game services, and as with the Plex server, the stream will not depend on the company’s infrastructure, but on the one, you already use to run your personal server. . And yes, it is necessary that you are already a Plex user (although it is not necessary that you be a Plex Pass user) and, therefore, that you have your own server to be able to use this new service.

Now, before you start thinking about what machine you would need to be able to serve Cyberpunk 2077 in 4K at 60 FPS with ray tracing, it is important to clarify that the Plex Arcade catalog is limited, at least for the moment, to great Atari classics. Titles such as Centipede, Avalanche, and Gravitar make up the currently very limited offering of titles for the service. Thus, we are talking about a proposal aimed exclusively at users who already have gray hair, and in which nostalgia can justify the $ 4.99 that the service costs per month ($ 2.99 per month if you have a Plex Pass subscription).

At the moment the service is in the testing phase, something in which its managers abound, who do not show too much confidence that the service will be successful and last over time (honesty overdose? Pessimism raised to maximum power? ), so it has other important limitations. The most notable is that, since it uses Parsec to work, at least for the moment the Plex Arcade can only be deployed on Plex servers on Windows and macOS systems, at the moment neither Linux nor NAS and NVIDIA SHIELD devices can run this service.

Thus, to this day, Plex Arcade is unlikely to become a successful service. And it is necessary to have your own server (as it happens with Plex Server, but limited to Windows and macOS), the catalog is very, very limited, and also the price, almost five dollars a month, does not seem like a proposal especially a temptress. Only nostalgia can make the service hook some users.

The other option is, of course, that the Plex Arcade catalog grows soon, either by focusing on nostalgia mode (a market niche that can be interesting) or as a platform for streaming games of a more general nature, if Well, this would require a greater investment in infrastructure by the user.