pokemon red

Trolls took over Pokémon Red on Twitter and released precious creatures

In the early days of the year, we informed you that some Pokémon fans on Twitter set out to play Pokémon Red in one of the most unusual ways: through a Twitter user’s profile image. If you thought the mission was a bit strange, you will be surprised to know that the adventure is not over yet and there are still fans who are still playing. However, a very sad event has just happened, as a group of trills did their thing.

Since the launch of the screenshakes project, Twitter players have progressed favorably. Earlier this month the team received the Alma Medal and the Volcano Medal after beating gym leaders Koga and Blaine, respectively.

With around 80,000 messages, the fans had built a solid team, consisting of AMAYBE (Blastoise), ABBPRI (Graveler), CHAD (Fearow) DHY (Jolteon), TPP (Snorlax), and Alakazam.


Sadly, a group of trolls, referred to as Team Rocket, orchestrated an attack and took advantage of the early morning hours of February 12, when everyone was asleep, to take control of the game and free almost the entire team. This event was a blow to the spirits of the fans, who managed to save Alakazam. Some refer that it was an inside job and that those responsible are still within the official Discord of the adventure.

The good news is that the enthusiasts did not give up and with Alakazam they managed to recruit 5 new creatures, who continue on in the adventure: CURSE (Vileplume), A (Rhyhorn), LUKE (Doduo), HOPE (Lapras), and AAAAAAA (Krabby).