best survival horror to date

Resident Evil Village, “the best survival horror to date” according to producer

There are three months to go until the release of Resident Evil Village, the eighth main installment of the legendary horror saga, and from Capcom they seem determined to maintain the highest possible expectations. We already commented last week that according to Peter Fabiano, one of the producers, Village would be much larger than Resident Evil 7, an idea that the artistic director reinforced days later by ensuring that what has been seen so far (the town and the castle) only represents one portion and there is more to discover. However, it is not only about the size that matters.

The new roof of a genre?

If anyone can properly speak about Survival Horror, it is clearly Capcom. Although two generations ago the saga went through an identity crisis and bet in excess on the Hollywood spectacle, Resident Evil can still boast of having established the genre during the generation of the first PlayStation and also of having returned it to its best level in this one. just finished. Both the first-person reboot proposed by Resident Evil 7 and the remake of Resident Evil 2 were rated as outstanding in this same magazine, widespread media success, and backed by sales.

Regarding Resident Evil Village, Peter Fabiano has stated that his concept began to take shape even before the development of Resident Evil 7 was concluded. Despite not appearing on camera, the studio grew fond of Ethan Winters and decided they wanted to continue his story beyond the events of the 2017 game. Sticking with him also provided the opportunity for the player to experience terror. first hand and the communication between the different teams (Resident Evil 2 was developed in parallel) has contributed to making Resident Evil 8 the best Survival Horror to date.

The influences of Resident Evil 4

Of course, Village will not only drink from Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2: as was already apparent since the European rural setting was revealed, and especially since the presentation in January allowed discovering the return of a merchant (El Duque, relief of the iconic peddler), weapon upgrades, and an inventory that swaps individual tiles back for a briefcase to fit items into, the team has once again looked at Resident Evil 4 to try to find a balance between combat, exploration, and puzzles that keep players always on their toes.

To what extent they achieve it, and if it serves to validate Fabiano’s words, it is something that we will see on May 7, when the game lands on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that the Maiden demo is still available on PS5, and also that they have promised another for later.