Lenovo Yoga Book Review – The tablet that you desire from the first contact

Alin Pogan
Alin Pogan

I got a new review for Lenovo Yoga Book. Once they arrived tablet in-office colleagues gathered around and were curious to see how it goes, you can, and not least watching a hinge that looks more like a piece of bracelet jewelry than a hinged laptop.

Let’s see the advantages or disadvantages of such a product.

Lenovo Yoga Book ( YB1-X91L) Specs

  • Intel Z8550 quad-core 1.44GHz (Turbo Boost 2.4GHz)
  • GPU Intel HD 400
  • 10.1 inch 1920 x 1200 IPS (400 cd)
  • 4GB DDR3
  • 64GB (+ maximum 128GB prin microSD)
  • WLAN a,b,N, AC + BT 4.0 + LTE
  • microUSB, microHDMI, headphone / mic combo
  • Win 10 PRO
  • 8500 mAh
  • 256.6 x 170.8 x 0.96 mm
  • 690 grams


I think this is the dream come true of Bill Gates started in 2002. Have a portable computer that can do a lot of things to be thin and of course to use Windows as the operating system.

Lenovo innovates here and there in various product categories, and it shows in recent years.

The design of the Lenovo Yoga Book is an implementation between business style characteristic Lenovo which means matte black on almost the entire surface of the casing and plastic parts silver consisting of buttons, hinge and the Lenovo logo positioned on the tablet so that when you read it to look like a book about her. Just e-book it?

The tablet is made up of two parts screen and keyboard 2-in-1 can also be used as a space for drawing stylus or digitizing notes written even on a notepad with a ballpoint pen genuine, you can see how the video review. The two sides are held close together by magnets and the screen can fold 360 degrees.

I hate that you can not close with one hand as it slipped the tablet screen on the desk. The idea to keep a simple design did not use the adhesive material on the back.

The two parties are bound by a hinge. At the first glimpse expect there to be put in shape. Are the first three cylinders of each gear cogs that are fixed in the screen and keyboard? Once open you notice that the screen is almost as stable as that of a serious laptop. It has only small vibrations that may disturb you if you use your tablet on unstable, many users do not see the problem here.

The hinge provides a visual spectacle first and then finishes the beauty of ingenuity that was made. You can imagine how hard the screen keeps those cylinders gear including two lanes creeps to transmit data to and from the camera screen or microphone.

The keyboard is a touch screen and is called Halo Keyboard. I use a keyboard touch was not the best practice. One on hand you do not have to press the buttons feel like a physical keyboard, then you never marked F and J keys on many keyboards as you tactile signs. For short notes may go, or you’re at a meeting and write down the main points, but long-term writing on a keyboard so you’ll need an iron will.

Another thing that I liked was not that strong vibrates every keystroke keyboard. It gets stressful after a period in which you write very quickly and only hear dd-dd-dd-mm-dd zzz zzz-ZZZZ.

Stick to the keyboard, specifically the TouchPad. Is too small, you can not use it without you all looking at it as easily overcome perimeter and wake often be the space button or click the left or right. There is a button in the upper right touch surface with a tactile keyboard that changes the function and graphics tablet stylus.

On the sides are: one speaker, but left longer a micro USB port, micro HDMI and one micro SD slot that fits and micro SIM. On the right side, you will find the button on / off and volume and include a 3.5mm audio port or external sound microphone.

It weighs only 690 grams and is quite easy even for a convertible tablet. Although the weight and dimensions are very small, it is not a fragile tablet at all. You shoot it, you can click, but you can barely bend. It’s really solid and I would bet that even resists falls.

Lenovo Yoga Book


As you might expect by looking at the specifications the tablet can not bear too great a load. CPU resources are limited and not allow me to do too many things. The operating system that comes pre-installed – Windows 10 Pro – requires quite a lot of resources, especially as it will load applications and data stored. I did not expect him to start applications but do not expect response times low. Luckily it uses flash memory for storage.

The screen of 10.1 inches is one of the attractions. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 px mărişoară that feels because you can see better details on images, maps, and when drawing with the stylus. It has great viewing angles of 178 degrees and the not least powerful display of 400 cd / m2 is brighter than that of a cheap PC monitor. You will have a pleasant experience on movies in high resolution especially alongside speakers that sound really good.

The stylus is the element of surprise in combination with the touch surface. It does not use batteries and saves you extra care to upload times to always have batteries. Perhaps you think it lacks an electronic part that is less efficient but space using touch technology from Wacom stylus in combination with this team do good. Touch surface feels that 2048 levels of pressure and helps in drawing expressing yourself as you like, and even in taking notes.

A very useful feature is the simultaneous transfer of notes written on a pen computer. The stylus can change easily paste using a cover. I realize from using a pulp that can be purchased from any office supply store. In the box, there is an enhancement tablet (a hard surface) that sits above the keyboard surface over which sit Halo and any notepad or paper. All you’ll note on the sheet will simultaneously mark and computer.

The sound is another aspect of a tablet excels. They managed to introduce into thin slits similar to those of a smartphone some speakers that emit sound clearer and stronger than the tablets we’ve tested. I really enjoyed listening to them, plus the preinstalled software lets you optimize the sound based on what you listen: a discussion, music, movie, or games.

Autonomy is another strong point of the tablet Yoga Book.

Get close to 13 hours of use if you save battery. I mean concretely: I have tested with 50% brightness and YouTube clips I ran and got 8h, and if you edit text and write, or even surf the Internet on text and image content then can be extended more autonomy. In settings, the model has always remained Balanced so Low Power can achieve autonomy promised by 13h.

Lenovo Yoga Book


  • The keyboard hard getting used to and has strong vibrates at a time
  • the touchpad is difficult to use and it does not feel that given its perimeter and getting the keys
  • weak configuration


  • great and thin design
  • it is available with Android or Windows 10 Pro – prefer the tested Windows
  • cheaper as an alternative to Microsoft Surface 3 (2015)
  • you can take written notes, but also in digital format simultaneously
  • stylus goes without batteries
  • greater autonomy


Lenovo Yoga Book is the perfect product for those who want a Windows system ultra-portable manner either the professional environment: presentations, note-taking, sketching graphics on the surface of touch, either for academic or for fun at home because as telling you in the article is the perfect companion for movies and music.

I find it just as a good alternative to the MacBook Air which also has a poor configuration and is ultra-portable but only if you will not have to type a lot and prefer depending on the graphics tablet has incorporated as Yoga Book. Those who want to take notes on paper and on the computer and while most will appreciate this product or those who need to create while you are away from home or office.

Not to replace a regular laptop but it is a very good companion for the road.

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