The Galaxy S8 just arrived and we already have the first rumors of the S9

A few weeks ago, the Galaxy S8 was officially launched, one of the most anticipated high-end of the first half of the year, and has seen a lot of changes, especially at the physical level.

Galaxy S8
Since it came out, new things changes, being discovered, such as the presence of an OIS in its front camera that is not activated .

However, despite the recent departure of the Korean terminal, is already thinking about the next generation when Note 8 still far from show up.

The first rumors of the future Galaxy S9 would focus on its future processor (well, in one of the two), and is, as it can not be otherwise, Qualcomm, specifically the Snapdragon 845 .

Samsung would be investigating the manufacture of 7-nanometer chips, the first of which would be the Snapdragon 845 and would be ready in time for the Galaxy S9.

It is not new the fact that Samsung is investigating the manufacture of 7 nanometer processors , TSMC being the other company that is looking to meet this goal.

The first chip with this manufacturing process would be Snapdragon 845, which would be ready in time for the Galaxy S9, which would start mass production in early 2018 .

At the moment there are no more features of the future Snapdragon 845 and the Galaxy S9, something logical considering that until the first quarter of next year will not be officially unveiled .

We are sure that in the coming months we will know a few details of both the smartphone and the chip, so we will stay alert.