Huawei P300, P400 and P500: new names in the P | series Rumor

Huawei P300

Huawei P300, P400 and P500: these could be the names of future smartphones made by the Chinese company, at least according to the documentation published by the British Intellectual Property Office.

The respective applications for registration were delivered just a couple of days ago – on August 2nd, they are still in the “Examination” status – and, if the names were actually used, we would be faced with a new nomenclature : never, in fact, Huawei has used three-digit numbers for its P. P20, P20 Pro and P30 series, P30 Pro is, in fact, the last stop of the range of the product line that usually the Chinese company launches in the first part of the year (27 March 2018 for the P20 series, 26 March 2019 for P30 / Pro).

So there is still a long time before the debut – first, there will be Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro – but it is interesting to see how Huawei is already involved in recording the possible names of future models.

It should, however, be borne in mind that it is not at all obvious that these then translate into the commercial names of the next smartphones: even P40 has already been registered (even in 2017), so at the moment we do not have enough details to make assumptions about what to expect. Huawei could in fact decide not to use them at all, or maybe it intends to launch other models alongside the P40 series.

As said, at the moment it is still too early to let ourselves go into speculation.

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