The next iPhone could come with a Double FaceTime camera according to vendor reports

The front camera of the current iPhone is 32mm and of course is the best. However, according to MacOtakara, Apple could put a camera more than 28mm or 24mm in the next iPhone.

The next iPhone could come with a Double FaceTime camera according to vendor reports

This second camera would make possible the 3D recognition along with the laser sensors. A rumor that makes sense if we see that LG has been ordered to manufacture it.

Like the human eye, camera technology is more accurate if you use two instead of one. For example, if we look with just one eye, we lose the context of objects, while if we see with both we are able to detect a better depth of objects.

The dual camera does something similar, and we’ve seen it with the iPhone 7 Plus and its Portrait Mode.

Currently, some phones already have a double camera on the front: the Oppo F3 Plus, the LG V20 Pro or the Alcatel Flash are a good example.

However, it is the first rumors we have of this double chamber and although it has all the sense of the world, we would have to catch the rumor with tweezers.

MacOtakara is based on the idea that LG has received a new order to produce front cameras and comes from Apple.

It is not very clear what they are based on but given that in previous years they predicted with some accuracy certain features of Apple products should not be overlooked.

What’s the point of a double front camera?

The first mobile phones that included a front camera did with the idea of being able to make video calls. Subsequently, and with the explosion of the selfies, this second camera was vitaminized to take the best photographs of self-portraits.

The next step? Make it an authentication method.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Apple can greatly enhance photography with a double camera on the front, already did with the iPhone 7 Plus[/quote_colored]

Some phones already use a good sensor to recognize either the user’s face or iris, but they are still very green technologies.

If we ignore the rumors, for Apple the best way to do a facial recognition is through the use of 3D technology, by detecting deep facial features.

It’s not easy to get easy recognition in 3D in a matter of moments (it does not make sense to unlock the phone with your face if it takes a long time since we can use the Touch ID).

For that very reason, a double camera could help make it instantaneous, and experience they have thanks to the double camera of the iPhone 7 Plus.