LG G6 release date, rumors and design details

We may see the earlier than expected while a recent report also suggests LG will be dropping the modular “Friends” design to offer a waterproof, high-end phone.

LG G6 release date

The LG G5 was announced in February 2016 and launched in April, while the LG G4 also landed in April, so April 2017 seems a good bet for the LG G6.

One report from “industry insiders” suggests the company wants to release the LG G6 closer to the launch and will push to get the phone on sale in late February or early March.

LG G6 design

Rumor has it LG will be stepping up the design of the G6 to a more premium look and quality than we’ve seen on previous phones. An anonymous source told Korean site ChosunBiz LG will be using a tempered glass back on the new flagship.

LG G6 display

The same source suggested LG is looking to make an OLED panel for its smartphones in the future, and maybe even curved ones.

LG already produces OLED displays for TVs as well as the Apple Watch Series 2, so it would make sense if the company installed one on the G6 – but it looks like it won’t be ready in time.

LG added a fingerprint scanner to the G5, but it stuck it on the back. At first glance, that might not seem like such a bad idea. After all, it’s out of the way and easy to reach while holding the phone

Via Gadget Interest / Tech Radar