LG V30: slide-out secondary display – Pictures Leaked

If you thought that LG had had enough in terms of experimenting with their phones after the little interest aroused by their modular phone the LG G5, you were wrong.

lg v3 render images

It’s possible that your upcoming LG V30 is a slider phone like the BlackBerry Priv, only that instead of sliding a QWERTY keyboard, it would be … a secondary screen.

This has been shown by the famous filterer Evan Blass in a series of tweets showing several renders of the Joan Project, supposedly the new LG V30, which details this second sliding screen and some of its possible appearances.

The renders are not recent, according to evLeaks, so it could be that the next LG V30 has taken a completely different direction.

Two screens, various uses

We do not know if finally, the LG V30 will have this double sliding screen, but what we do have is a window to a terminal design period in which at least the idea was considered. It should be remembered that LG V20 also has two screens, although the second one is at the top and is narrower, like a row of icons.

In these renders of the LG V30, the additional screen is at the bottom and is sliding, so that it could be opened only when needed, just as it used to happen in phones with a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Another tweet of evleaks details some of the possible uses for this secondary screen, with a succession of seven images showing different content in it: show hashtags/info of a photo, extra options when booking a restaurant, audio control, information Google, music options, Android keyboard and extended desktop.

In the renders, the secondary screen looks very good when integrated and viewed as an extension of the main screen, although it must be borne in mind that it is “behind” and separated by a softened edge.

It will be necessary to see what finishes the thing, if the secondary sliding screen is confirmed and how it affects the thickness of the terminal, its weight, and its durability, although perhaps the most important thing is to know if the market is interested in the invention.