GoodBye to the last doubts: OnePlus 5 and Oppo R11 are quite similar

oneplus 5

The design of OnePlus 5 is at the center of the chat over the likeness of some smartphones, especially those recently produced by Apple.

So inevitable, since almost an iPhone 7 clone, in turn, was called, the comparison with Oppo R11, a company known and historically close to OnePlus.

The issue goes further: it has been discovered that the cover of OnePlus 5 contained in the press invitations we mentioned this morning (almost) to the perfection right at Oppo R11.

There are very few details that determine almost: the power button hole is not perfectly centered, and the back of the device looks a bit more bent towards the edges than the case (but it could also be an illusion created by the Shadowplay).

In short, it seems that the design of the two phones has many points in common.

Other than that, thanks to it we can be almost sure of the diagonal of the display – on Oppo R11 measuring 5.5 inches.

According to the leaked rumors so far, however, similarities with Oppo R11 should stop at the design.

OnePlus 5 should have top-of-the-range components, starting with Snapdragon 835 up to 8 GB of RAM.