Samsung Galaxy S8: Release, Leaks, Rumors and News

In a few weeks, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will appear, what we know so far!

Samsung Galaxy S8

A lot of people are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S8! After the mega-bust with the note 7, the South Koreans again need a top smartphone, the best lists, and the sales charts. Up to the official presentation, the rumors shoot into the herb; Daily round the new round of speculation. Gismo Trends summarizes all the information about the Galaxy S8 for you!

Samsung Galaxy S8: Prices and colors

Shortly before the presentation on March 29, 2017, the information about the new Samsung flagship is condensed. According to recent rumors, the Galaxy S8 may come in three colors on the market. This information let Twitter users see Roland Quandt in a post. According to this, at least one of the interested parties in Europe can look forward to a version in fresh violet in addition to classic models in black and silver. Samsung would like to say good-bye to Galaxy-7 colors like white and coral blue.

Quandt also commented on the prices that were hotly debated on the web. So the Galaxy S8 costs 799 euros, while the larger Galaxy S8 Plus for 899 euro over the Shopping counters could go. If the information is correct, the current speculation about the relatively high prices would confirm.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Tweet makes for confusion

Samsung itself confused with a new tweet about the Galaxy S8. Through its Exynos Twitter channel, the manufacturer has released a picture of a smartphone with a dual camera on the back. “Exynos8895 with a #DualISP for #DualCamera.” The South Koreans here about their Galaxy S8?

Recently, there have been rumors that the Exynos8895 chipset and a dual camera in the Galaxy S8 But the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a dual lens: the smartphone pictured in the tweet does not look like the so far many leaks on the S8 at all – even photos with a dual camera have never been seen anywhere yet, so it would be a real surprise if Samsung had an unnamed feature for the Galaxy S8 shortly before the planned release on March 29th.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Presentation on March 29th

Insider Evan Blass makes a tweet at the slow production of the processors responsible for the S8’s delays. Samsung had postponed the publication date for the Galaxy S8 from 21 March to 29 March without giving reasons.

Just a few days ago, a shaky video surfaced on the net, which is supposed to give a first look at the Galaxy S8 in action. Now another clip makes the round in the net, which shows the smartphone for a few seconds. This time the device is not switched on, but it can be seen from all sides. On the back, a “Confidential” label is emblazoned, suggesting that it is an internal test device.

In addition, the new fingerprint sensor is clearly visible on the right side of the camera. The shown Smartphone corresponds visually also to the remaining pictures and videos, which so far from the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked. It is therefore assumed that the video is authentic.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Press image leaked

Smartphone insider Evan Blass previously delivered on Twitter fresh rumors for fans of the Samsung Galaxy S8. So he published a photo of the upcoming top smartphone, which could be an official press picture of the manufacturer. It confirms many of the current rumors, so the missing Home button under the display.

Samsung Galaxy S8: When is it coming?

At the Mobile World Congress Samsung did not show the Galaxy S8. Only a very short video, in which the device was not seen, however, glimmered within the framework of the Samsung MWC keynote across the screen. An important date for this was confirmed: On March 29, the Samsung Galaxy S8 officially sees the light of the world! This will be followed by a special event in New York. In addition to the S8, the launch of the S8 Plus is expected.

Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus: Both models with edge display

Some time ago, Evan Blass mentioned the bigger version of the S8 on Twitter. The Galaxy S8 Plus has a 6.2-inch display. For both S8 models, a Super AMOLED panel is used, the devices are to be solved in Quad HD.

There is also a new name for Samsung’s flagship. Since both mobile devices have the edge display curved at the edge at the edge, the South Koreans strike the “Edge” from the title. Instead, the standard version is called Galaxy S8, the larger model Galaxy S8 Plus. To match this, Blass posted a possible new logo for the plus version.

Samsung Galaxy S8: design and size

On the render as well as on the original picture clearly to recognize: The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out without physical Home button and the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back. There it is not, as with other manufacturers usual, under the camera, but beside it.

And next to a USB-C port is a 3.5-millimeter headphone port on board. Earlier rumors said Samsung will abolish the Apple’s example. The photo confirms that the Galaxy S8 receives a dual-edge display. This was reserved for the predecessors of the more expensive Edge model. The screen fills almost the entire front.

Better display, but no 4K

For a long time, there were speculations as to whether Samsung is setting a stiffer VR image on a 4K display (3840×2160 pixels). But now many rumors are running in a different direction: It remains with the Galaxy S7 known 2560×1440 pixels. Nevertheless, according to SamMobile, the device offers a significantly improved display as a super AMOLED panel with sharper subpixels is used (AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode). The color representation in virtual reality environments should also be better.