The Samsung Galaxy S9 will keep the mini headphone jack, according to this leak

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will keep the mini headphone jack, according to this leak
According to the latest images that show one of the internal components of the Galaxy S9, Samsung will maintain the essence of its Galaxy. And is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would continue to make use of the mini jack for headphones, although manufacturers tend more and more regularly to eliminate it in favor of the USB-C interface.

A decision that his followers will receive with joy and that adds to the clues that equally speak of the adoption of a double stereo speaker.

Although Apple has propelled the trend to abandon the 3.5 mm connector in favor of the USB-Type C, Samsung has maintained its position to continue betting on the 3.5 mm port.

It has been demonstrated by including it in the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the latest filtration shows that it will be repeated on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 with mini headphone jack

It is not the first time we heard it. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will keep the mini-jack for headphones. An affirmation that has arisen from the information filtered in previous occasions and that it happens again, this time with more solid arguments.

The reason is none other than the appearance of a photograph in which an electronic board is shown as one of the internal components of the future Samsung Galaxy S9 that includes the USB-C connector. Actually, the photo would show the PCB corresponding to the Samsung Galaxy S9 + since in one of the chips of the aforementioned plate appears the reference SM-G965F. We must remember that the Galaxy S8 + has the reference SM-G955F.

According to the explanations that have emerged after the filtering of the image, the area of the PCB that appears in the bottom right of the photo shows the hole destined for the mini-jack connector.

A Samsung Galaxy S9 very multimedia

In this way, we have on the table another proof that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a mini-jack for headphones, as our colleagues in Android Help tell us. A noteworthy information given the appreciation of users for this physical connection, which would not prevent listening to music with headphones while recharging the battery, a limitation that does happen with the USB-C connector.

In this way, Samsung seems to listen to its customers, who also demanded the slot for micro SD cards and the firm has kept it in their models, to date.

After all, everything points to the design of the Galaxy S9 will not vary significantly from the Samsung Galaxy S8, so it seems that the South Koreans will not find it difficult to manufacture without affecting the silhouette and thickness of the smartphone (argument put forward by the manufacturers that have decided to eliminate it).

What does seem to lead to changes in the upper and lower sides of the housing is the introduction of two stereo speakers, a novelty in the Galaxy S range that will further enhance the multimedia capabilities of the signature reference team.

In this way, everything points to the firm’s focus on improving the multimedia performance of its flagship with both characteristics. A move that makes great sense if we stick to the acquisition of Harman Kardon and JBL, companies specialized in Hi-End audio