The Legend of Zelda will arrive on smartphones

One of the main icons of Nintendo’s production will be its debut on smartphones. Wall Street Journal reports it to a recent report that specifically refers to the mobile version of The Legend Of Zelda, citing well-informed sources of facts.

The Legend of Zelda will arrive on smartphones
This hypothesis is certainly not grounded, given that in recent years the Kyoto home has gradually expanded its presence in the mobile, moving on smartphone titles such as Fire Emblem Heros, Pokemon (Go) and Super Mario (in the ‘Run’ declination).

The list includes also the pre-announced Animal Crossing which, according to the source contacted by WSJ, will be released by the end of 2017 followed by “The Legend of Zelda.”

Nintendo is developing both titles with the collaboration of the Japanese software house DeNA.

As reported by WSJ, for the time being, it has not been confirmed either by Nintendo or by DeNA, while it remains to determine how the universe of Link will be transferred to mobile.

The Legend of Zelda will arrive on smartphones

It is assumed that the model will not differ excessively from that of Super Mario Run: you will then be able to download the title for free and then unlock additional content through in-app purchases. Gameplay clues are currently absent.

Nintendo’s renewed interest in mobile gaming titles is justified by the ability of these securities to capture the attention of casual gaming players and to fuel a business that, according to estimates by Macquarie Capital Securities, could yield 100 Billions of yen in the current fiscal year.