Samsung prepares to manufacture next generation 4K and AMOLED screens

Screens are the most important elements of our smartphones, which are the ones that allow us to take actions and see the answers that our device gives us to different orders.

4K and AMOLED screens

To this day, in order to see the content with the highest quality possible, many users ask for high resolutions, being QHD that usually ask the most demanding people.

However, the 4K resolution has reached the field of smartphones, with Sony being the first manufacturer to include them, first in the Xperia Z5 Premium and then in the XZ Premium.

Samsung, meanwhile, will be next and is expected to soon produce 4K and 800 dpi displays and, a little later, the seventh generation of AMOLED screens.

Numerous times it has been rumored that the next great flagship of a manufacturer would bring a 4K screen, and Galaxy Note 8 is no exception, but in this case could be true. According to one analyst, Samsung has continued to investigate the production of OLED screens of 800 dpi as well as flexible displays.

Of Note 8 it is rumored that, in addition to this screen resolution, it would bring a panel of 6.4 inches, whose density would be about 770 dpi, which would hit a bit with the 800 dpi that would be preparing Samsung.

To make us the idea, to have that resolution and pixel density, the screen should be 5.5 inches, but even so, this would approach us to see a Note 8 with a 4K screen.

The seventh generation of OLED displays for next year

What would not get to Note 8 would be the seventh generation of Samsung OLED screens, as it will not be until the second quarter of next year when production begins. Even so, it would be a great advantage over their rivals, as they will start working next year with the sixth generation.

The main feature of the new generation of screens would be, as usual, a better visual quality and a lower energy expenditure, so if the thing works out well, we could see it already in Note 9 (if that turns out to be the name).

At the moment, since factories are not yet ready, there are no known numbers that would improve these new screens for mobile devices.