A customized ridesharing service for the senior citizen with attractive features

When people start aging they have to go out often for their daily routine, but find it difficult to go out to the places they went earlier because they feel that they are no longer safe on wheels, while some do not have their own vehicle. However, they have to meet their friend, visit the doctor, and get the groceries and other stuffs for their living.
If the requirements are accessible within the walking distance, seniors can manage on their own, but if not they happen to rely on their family members and friends to help them with or lookout for the transportation.

Atleast in the cities, there are quite convenient transportation service available, but in rural and suburban areas the transportation service is a void question because there are no frequent services and might not be suitable for the seniors. There are senior citizens oriented transportation services available, but are not reliable and are unpredictable that leads to missing the appointments and other issues.

Transportation service for the seniors

The growth of the ridesharing companies has helped the seniors to book the ride and reach their destined location. A report shows that the seniors are actively making use of the app by installing the app in their smartphone and following the instructions given in the tutorial and booking their ride. A survey report released by the ridesharing company shows that about forty percent of the riders riding their service are senior citizens and some of the senior citizens who have the knowledge of accessing the app are teaching the fellow senior citizens to use it.

The Consumer Electronics Association released a report in which forty percent of the senior citizens have tablets while forty six percent of them have smartphones, therefore the number of seniors accessing the ridesharing app has also increased rapidly over the years.

Benefits of the ridesharing apps

• With the access of the ridesharing app, the seniors need not book the paratransit (senior bus) in advance.
• The seniors try not to disturb their family members or depend on others for their own needs, so this facility is a best option for them.
• The rides can be booked by them without any trouble and since the ridesharing service is available in all the areas, they need not worry about the pickup and drop locations.
• The senior transports might at times delay than the scheduled time, causing the seniors to miss their medications or important appointments, but by booking via the ridesharing app they can be assured with their ride will be at the scheduled time.
• In the case of the senior vans or buses, the vehicle will station each stop to pick up and drop the seniors which might take a long time, but by requesting the ride they need not waste time in dropping or picking up others.
• In suburban or rural areas, the seniors will not have access to the transport so booking the ride will help them in reaching the desired location because the vehicles under the ridesharing companies have the access to all the locations.
• And the cost of the ride is comparatively lesser when compared to the normal taxis.
Uber like for the senior citizens

Lift Hero is an evolution in the ridesharing services that is driven by the medical professionals and hailed by the senior citizens. The main goal of the ridesharing company is to reduce the isolation of the people and freedom because of their age. They offer EMT certified people to ride the vehicles so that it adds additional security for the seniors.

Unlike the other ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber, the new ridesharing service operates exclusively for the senior citizens. The rider can book the ride and they can also receive the driver status and the company offers a special option as it is for the seniors- the riders can schedule the ride in advance if they have hospital appointments or any other appointments that is accompanied with the reminder alerts for the advanced trips.

The app was designed in such a way that the riders find it easy to access and the founder of the company, Jay Connelly was also keen on the fact that the technology must never be a barrier to the senior citizens. Thus, the seniors can book their ride by either using the web app or through phone.

Since the seniors isolate themselves from the society when they realize that they are unable to handle things on their own, and in such cases the rides can be booked by the family members, partners with the senior community, service providers and the doctors.

Certified and professional drivers

Since the seniors hail the service, the ridesharing company was cautious while selecting the drivers. And the drivers who are working for the company are not the ones who subsidize their life, but are focused mainly on promoting a safe ride for their passengers. Apart from a clear driving record, the drivers are first aid certified and CPR professionals. Most of the drivers are EMTs and medical professionals who can promise a professional and safe ride for the riders. Unlike the normal drivers, they are one step further in providing a comfortable and care taking like that of a family member.

At present the riders can request their drivers to accompany with them at their appointments. So the drivers will accompany the riders and wait for them at the clinic or during the shopping trip. The main reason for the company to come with such an idea is that the seniors find it difficult to follow long procedures and things to remember while they have to meet up with the financial advisor or a doctor, so when the driver accompanies with the seniors, they feel quite safe and strong.

The driver also makes an audio recording of the meeting so that it can be easy for the seniors to follow up, the company has further plans for expanding and developing their service by providing wheelchair option and engaging options like to assist them while grocery shopping and other features.
The current fare is quite higher than the normal cab rate at thirty-five dollars for one hour including the assistance of the driver.

History of the new service

The founder of Lift Hero, Jay Connelly trained in the med-school in the New York called the Columbia University’s Medical School and he later dropped out of the University and went back to California. He started working at Science Exchange a startup before starting his own ridesharing service for the seniors.

Currently, the company has around 100 drivers and is still welcoming more drivers to join their operation, the service is operating in San Francisco and to Palo Alto and they even have plans of expanding their service in California.

He said in an interview that the ridesharing is more scalable and is the fast growing industry in the market and the drivers are able to take care of the senior passengers because there are some professional who do this kind of service as a full-time job and might cost more than the ridesharing cost. Even though the company is facing some regulation issues and other problems in its initial stage, the service is a gift for both the seniors and their family.


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