Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V: Capcom Cup and other events canceled due to pandemic

The pandemic has been a severe blow to esports events, so companies have had to adapt to the situation to continue with their competitive circuits. This has been no exception for Capcom, who made changes to their Street Fighter V competitive event schedule for this year.

However, the situation has not completely improved, so the studio was forced to modify its plans once again. As a result, important competitive fighting game events were canceled.

Through a statement, Capcom reported that the Capcom Cup and the Street Fighter League World Championship will not take place as planned. On the other hand, the company revealed part of its esports plans for the coming months.


Capcom explained that the effects of the pandemic are still in effect, so it made the difficult decision to cancel the Capcom Cup and the Street Fighter League World Championship, which were to be held from January 19 to 21.

The company explained that the plans were to hold an event with every precaution so as not to put the players and their staff at risk. However, after careful analysis of the situation, it was concluded that it was not the best alternative.

The above does not mean that the Street Fighter V competitive scene will not have events this year. Capcom will bet on a season finale that will be played only online. Players who win will be invited to the Capcom Pro Tour Grand Final.

“We would like to thank the fighting game fans, gamers, and community for supporting the Capcom Pro Tour during a challenging season. The community deserves a platform to celebrate their persistence through a challenging year, so our goal is to achieve this on February 20-21 across the Capcom Fighters network, ”the studio stated.

The company stated that in the coming weeks it will reveal all the details about the upcoming competitive events of the title. It appears that all dates and game formats will be adjusted for the remainder of the Capcom Pro Tour.