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Windows 10

Instagram: Autoplay

The second group of news concerns the version of Instagram for Windows 10 (PC and mobile) that is destined for ...

Kaspersky filed a complaint against Microsoft

Kaspersky filed a complaint against Microsoft, citing the company's anti-competitive practices.

windows 10

Microsoft has confirmed that a portion of the Windows 10 source code was leaked this week on the web.

EaseUS Partition Data Recovery software is a free and easy-to-use tool (as the name implies) with the highest recovery capacity.

Microsoft Edge with the latest builds (provided the developer is in Able to demonstrate the effectiveness of exploitation)

Windows 10

The never seen has come to the environment of Microsoft, specifically in regards to Builds in Windows 10.

Microsoft Photos

Project NEON also arrives at Microsoft Photo: the new graphic style, formally, is already supported in Windows 10 Creators Update

One of the news of the year has been the possibility of enjoying x86 applications on ARM processors.

Windows 10 S

According to a now revealed document, Microsoft plans with "Windows 10 S" a frontal attack on Google

Windows 10

Two days ago we told you how to upgrade your computers to Windows 10 in the PC version to the ...

Windows 10 Mobile

This is the list of terminals that at first would see as the update arrives at Creators Update

Surface Studio

When we talk about operating systems it is unthinkable not to refer to Mac and Windows

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update Date

Microsoft has now officially announced the date for the rollout of the Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10

Wanting to calm our anger, Windows 10 will offer even more control in managing updates to its system.

ASUS ZenBook Pro

Asus ZenBook Pro: Slim high-end notebook Powerful notebooks that have a good dedicated graphics card are often not very compact.

Samsung Galaxy Book: A Powerful Windows 10 Tablet

Whether the Galaxy Book will be much different from the Galaxy TabPro S or replaces it, still remains unclear.

Windows 10 Cloud

And it looks as though the low end is going to be catered for with a new version of Microsoft’s ...


Scalebound was to be one of the few titles compatible Xbox One HDR. He had to be playable on Windows ...


The Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 is undeniably one of the most anticipated mobile devices of 2016 but did not deliver.


Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date may be delayed in May 2017 based on the recent announcement of the tech ...

Surface Phone

Confirmed by MSPoweruser, the Surface Phone is already under production trials by the Surface Studio and ODM Pegatron, the company ...


But, the said advantage of that app is that it is no hassle for Windows 10 users anymore to repeat ...

Windows Phones Getting GIF Support on Twitter

If you are already running the Twitter app on your phone or PC, simply update it from the Store to ...


According to some reports, the Surface Pro 5, along with the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Phone, in the ...

Call of Duty

In line with Reddit consumer “Hayz00s” his sibling was faced with best 2 players watching for a today's struggle Remastered ...