Tired of not getting noticed in Night City? This Cyberpunk 2077 mod allows you to modify V’s face at any time

Cyberpunk 2077

You start your game in Cyberpunk 2077, prepare V for adventure and go out into the world to discover Night City. Hours go by, you have fun exploring everything the game has to offer and you finally realize that there is something you cannot change: your face.

This has become a problem for players of the CD Projekt work, as there is no establishment or place where we can modify our face. The eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and hairstyle that we choose at the beginning will remain immovable until the end.

That is why the modding community, once again, is our lifeline. The user Homes432 has shared his creation on the NexusMods portal, which allows us to modify our appearance at any time during our trip through Night City. As it is. Here is the link to download it with all its instructions.

As you can see in the video, the range of options is limited compared to the same as that of the character editor, although it is sufficient. More rustic than imagined by the Polish developer, but constantly updated. The Arasaka Appearance Updater will save you from more than one to look your best.

If there is one game that is a true news outlet, it is Cyberpunk 2077. Recently we were able to know the time it takes to travel the map in different ways or the cool retro covers inspired by current titles such as the futuristic dystopia itself or Among Us.